Residential HVAC Repair: Useful Tips for Effective Maintenance

In order to avoid unexpected malfunctions with your HVAC system, you have to start preparing it for the cold months before the winter arrives. Having a safe and energy-efficient home is what we all need. This article will give you valuable information in this relation provided by expert residential HVAC repair technicians:

  • Clean or replace the filters. This is one mandatory thing that needs to be done before the winter hits. Some professionals suggest this to be done on a monthly basis or at least check them 30 days after the operation. Filters must be cleaned or replaced by a licensed technician as they can have a huge impact on your energy bills. Regardless of the model or the make of your AC system, calling a qualified expert is a must.

  • Inspect the blower belt and lubricate the blower motor. Air conditioners have blower motor that keeps them from overheating. In order to function properly, it needs to be lubricated on a regular basis just like a car’s engine. Without the appropriate lubrication, it can damage and breakdown. Call a professional to check them and replace them, if necessary.

  • Blower doors must be sealed. If you have a gas furnace, and it is not perfectly-sealed, the combustion gases produced by your device will leave it putting your family at a deadly risk. This largely applies to the carbon monoxide. Additionally, you can install a carbon monoxide detector at home to make sure this odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas presents no threat to you and your family.

  • Check if your home vents are functioning properly. If your AC’s vents are not allowing free air flow due to clogged filters, your furnace will need more power to be able to heat your rooms. As a result, your electricity bills will increase significantly.

  • Remove all items that you are used to storing near your air conditioner during the summer months. This tip may seem obvious, but many people overlook it. Move away all carton boxes, aerosols, and other flammable objects that may cause a dangerous fire.

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