Clarification From a Top Rate HVAC Contractor

When you are looking for a new air conditioner, you should keep in mind that there are many options in the field of HVAC installations. In order to profit more, many companies will offer you an expensive type of AC that won’t be suitable for your needs. Because of our commitment to our customers in Biloxi, MS, we would like to explain a bit about the most common types of air conditioners.

  • Modern HVAC systemSplit air conditioner

    This type of air conditioner has two parts – the indoor and outdoor unit. They are good, if you need to cool one or two rooms. Their main advantage is compactness – they are fairly small, and are placed high on the wall. Also they don’t require a slot in the wall or the window, and many consider them to be the prettiest option in the field of HVAC installations.

  • Packaged air conditioner

    These are suitable for larger places like apartments or offices. They might not be as common as the split type, but that doesn’t make them worse. They possess two components, but the unit is only one. The usual place for such AC is the roof or the wall.

  • Portable air conditioner

    As its name suggests, it can be moved from room to room. Their main advantage is that they are cheap, but effective in a small area. These units are perfect, if you want to cool a small room, or need different rooms cooled at different times. Their big disadvantage is that they are a lot noisier.

  • Window air conditioner

    That is one of the most used types. All its components are contained in one unit, part of which comes out of the window (sometimes the wall). They are good for one room cooling only.

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